These education resources have been devised to support teachers to develop new skills, to experiment with creative approaches to teaching and learning and to work with pupils on exciting creative learning projects in school that are inspired by Open for Business

The resources are sufficiently flexible to allow teachers to adapt them to their own needs and interests and those of their pupils. There are a range of ways to engage with Open for Business, you can:


  • simply download any of the free school resources on this site and use them in lessons. You might be exploring photography, manufacturing or industry with your pupils and want some inspiration. Or it might be that you can use the resources to introduce creative approaches to key topics in the curriculum
  • adapt or combine any of the resources to meet the needs of your learners or to deliver specific learning objectives
  • use the resources as a starting point or as inspiration for a project or extended piece of work for students
  • use the resources in advance of a planned visit to the Open for Business touring exhibition so that the experience is a richer one that delivers on pupils learning objectives or so that learning can be continued back in school
  • take part in the Open for Business School Partnerships project. This provides teachers at Key Stage 3 the opportunity to access free CPD and to develop a bespoke project for their pupils which introduces creative approaches to teaching and learning using photography, manufacturing and industry as inspiration.

Introduction to Resources: However you choose to take part in Open for Business the School resources are designed to be flexible – you should think of them as ingredients and not recipes. Download the Teachers Resources Intro to understand the structure of the programme, also the Schools Partnerships guides and activities.

FilenameDescriptionFile Size
Teacher Resources


30 KB
Developing Your Project 98 KB


School Partnerships:

These documents explain the benefits of getting involved in the CPD programme, using the resources for a project, and explains project processes.

School Partnership Projects


23 KB
School Partnership Projects - Planning Form 45 KB
School Partnership Projects - Evaluation Form 45 KB



We have created 2 sections – Section 1 focuses on each of the 9 photographers, and Section 2 focuses on UK Manufacturers in each of the geographic areas.  In each of the sections, there are 9 learning resources / activities, the first 3 are called ‘Ways In’, the next 3 are ‘Single Curriculum’ and the next 3 are ‘Cross curricular’ – so they vary in depth of engagement, and can be used in isolation or as a pick and mix or as a series to build a project.


Ways In:

Ideas that you can try with your class as ‘a way in’ to learning more about either photography, manufacturing or both. These can generally be delivered in 1 or 2 lessons but also include suggestions for how they can be extended


Single Curriculum:

These are project ideas based on specific curriculum subjects which you can develop and deliver over 4 – 6 lessons


Cross Curricular:

These are suggestions for deeper projects in school working across the curriculum perhaps for a lesson a week for a whole term. These might involve a wider group of students and are likely to require teachers to plan, reflect and evaluate on the learning so that it is embedded in the school. Teachers planning these projects are likely to find the School Partnerships Project planning and evaluation forms useful


Section 1: Photographers


Ways In:

1.1 Jonas Bendiksen 70 KB
1.2 Mark Power 65 KB
1.3 Stuart Franklin 62 KB


Single Curriculum:

1.4 Chris Steele-Perkins 55 KB
1.5 Martin Parr 54 KB
1.6 Bruce Gilden 49 KB


Cross Curricular:

1.7 Peter Marlow 41 KB
1.8 Alessandra Sanguinetti 95 KB
1.9 David Hurn 40 KB


Section 2: Manufacturers


Ways In:

2.1 Bradford 50 KB
2.2 Scotland 38 KB
2.3 London 82 KB


Single Curriculum:

2.4 Wales 48 KB
2.5 Manchester 33 KB
2.6 Bristol 41 KB


Cross Curricular:

2.7 Plymouth 42 KB
2.8 York 41 KB



Accompanying Resources

Reflecting on the Residencies 112 KB
Presentation for teachers 10 MB



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